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What do we do on Sundays?

11am Morning Meeting – All Welcome

  • WHAT IS THE POINT?  Our aim is to honour God together by speaking to Him, singing to Him and, above all, listening to Him.
  • WHERE? DRBC – Main Church Building
  • WHEN? Every Sunday 11am
  • WHAT CAN I EXPECT?  We will sing together to praise God; we will pray together to Him;  we will hear something read from the Bible; there will usually be a short talk especially for the children; there will be a Bible-based talk, known as a sermon.  (Examples of these are available to download from this website.)   The children and Sunday School classes leave after about 20minutes.  The whole gathering might last for about 75 minutes, and we encourage people to stay and have tea and biscuits with us afterwards.  This is your opportunity to ask questions, chat, and get to know each other.
  • WHO IS IT FOR?  The service is open to anyone and everyone is welcome to join us.  We try hard to include those who don’t usually come to church; those from overseas; those with children; those with special needs; those with disabilities.

During our morning meetings we run these groups:  Creche and Primary Class; Sunday School and Bible Class; Specials Adult Group

  • WHAT HAPPENS IN THE CRÈCHE? Any parent with a baby/toddler can accompany them into the Crèche/Primary or leave them with the class leaders so that they can go back into the church and listen to the sermon (helpers can come and collect the parent if the baby/toddler does not settle). There are games and books for the very young – otherwise all children listen to a bible story, sing songs and do activity sheets which reinforce the bible story. The children also have squash and fruit before ‘tidy up time’ and their return to parents.


  • WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SUNDAY SCHOOL? The Sunday School starts with everyone sat together for a quiz or similar to go over the things done the week before. We sing a song or two as well and then split into groups by age, each group going to a different table to do the lesson for the week. The work done at the tables involves a Bible story and craft activities around that story. The aim is to teach the children about what God says he is like, and what he has accomplished through his son Jesus Christ.


  • WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BIBLE CLASS?: We follow a course of Bible Studies covering all the main people and events in the Old and New Testaments. This is done by reading the Bible together; question and answer sessions; quizzes; and with the occasional video. There are two outings in the year as well. Each member has a folder to keep the handouts and any notes made.

6pm Evening Meeting  

This is similar to our morning meeting, but without separate groups, and perhaps with more of an emphasis on teaching.


The Lord’s Supper:

  • WHERE? DRBC – Main Church Building
  • WHEN? First Sunday in the month after the Evening Meeting; third Sunday in the month at 9:45am before the morning meeting.
  • WHO FOR?  For all baptised believers, and for other visiting believers by arrangement.
  • WHAT HAPPENS IN THE COMMUNION SERVICE?  We take bread and wine to acknowledge Christ’s death, as He commanded us to do.


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